Our Vision

On the 3rd of August 2010, precisely 0345 hours, at Bray Village, United Kingdom, the visionary, Pastor Vidal Gabriel, was meditating on God’s word (Matthew 9:35-38) as he communed with the Holy Spirit, when the Lord showed him instances of many people with lots of situations, yet without a shepherd. During this encounter, the Lord emphasized His strong desire and end-time plan to gather the harvest of souls, lost souls, back into His kingdom. It was at this time that the Lord made it clear to His servant that He is assigning him to go forth and bring in the harvest of souls to the Kingdom. On this same day the name of the Ministry was given as Harvest Assembly. On the 9th of August, 2010, the Lord reasoned with Pastor Vidal Gabriel on the insight that in every generation He releases a generational ministry, as He solemnly declared to his servant: “I am giving Harvest Assembly to this generation as a generational ministry.” Between 1435 hours and 1530 hours of September 01, 2010, the Holy Spirit began to address a key visionary question with God’s servant – “Where are we taking the Harvest? Where are we leading the people?” To this question the Holy Spirit also responds that the Harvest be prepared and led into their:
 I. Earthly destiny with Christ.
II. Eternal destiny in Christ.
The Lord recounts the experience of the children of Israel, how that He took them out of bondage by the ministry of Moses; He took them through the wilderness to teach them His ways (laws and precepts); He brought them to the Promised Land, which was their earthly prophetic destiny, and passed them through the pillars of fire and cloud, at night and day respectively, to guarantee them an eternal place in Christ. The Lord further affirms that Christ came:
  I. To take us out of our bondage, sickness, sorrow, death, fear, ignorance, separation, hatred, poverty,
     pain and every form of evil.


II. To teach us the ways of the Kingdom.
III. To reconcile us back to the Father.
IV. To make known the secrets of the Gospel.
V. To bring us into our destinies in Him.
VII. To usher in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, who facilitates the preparation of the Harvest for His
       Second Coming and propagates a global awareness about His return.


VIII. To secure us a place in eternity – our eternal destiny.

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Our Belief System

We believe in the forgiveness of sin through the power and the blood of Jesus Christ, which is the blood of atonement for the remission of sins.  READ MORE>>
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