Our Missionary Goals and Objectives

† Preaching the Gospel
† Reconciliation of:
          ~ People to God
          ~ People to people
† Establishment of churches and:
         ~ Mini fellowship groups
         ~ Sub-ministries
† Establishment of enlightenment centres
        ~ War Against Ignorance i.e. WAI centres
† Developing and operating meaningful partnerships
        ~ Kingdom partners
† Establishment of vibrant intercessory ministries
        ~ Decentralized
        ~ Open to all
† Establishment of a divinely guided counselling ministry
† Publishing and distributing the Gospel of salvation, of peace, of love, of hope and inner-purity, in
    Christian tracts, bulletins, magazines, books and more.
† Building generational leaders for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13)
† Media Ministry/Tele-evangelism
         ~ Audio-visual productions and transmission of edifying Christian messages and events; to
            increase righteousness and reduce wickedness in the nations
† Organizing conferences, conventions, missions, outreaches, meetings, seminars and workshops
        ~ To empower people with spiritual and vocational abilities
        ~ To instil into people Kingdom standards for Godly living (Ephesians 4:1)
† Establishment & re-establishment of stable marriages/families
       ~ Marriage support programs
       ~ To maintain the peace at home
† Youth Support Programs
       ~ Talent discovery & facilitation
       ~ Youth rehabilitation efforts
       ~ Vocation ~ Help for teenage/single mothers
† Investment in human capital
† Charitable activities
       ~ Ministry to the needy
      ~ Food, clothes, shelter, faith & library materials
      ~ Visit to the prisons ~ Self-realization programs
      ~ Talent identification & facilitation
      ~ Skills building & vocation
      ~ Material & spiritual gifts
      ~ Visit to the hospitals
      ~ Prayer of healing
      ~ Exhortation
      ~ Material & spiritual gifts
     ~ Underwriting the cost of patients’ bills in peculiar cases, subject to the approval of the church
         governing council

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Our Belief System

We believe in the forgiveness of sin through the power and the blood of Jesus Christ, which is the blood of atonement for the remission of sins.  READ MORE>>
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