Our Message

Through several visions and dreams, God has strictly and emphatically instructed the visionary to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, hence our message:
† The Kingdom of God
† Repentance from sin
† The Will of God
† The coming of Christ
      ~ The era of the prophets, pointing towards the first coming of Christ
      ~ The Major Prophets
      ~ The ministries of Elijah & John the Baptizer


1. The First Coming of Christ in the flesh
      ~ The Life & Person of Jesus
      ~ The Purpose & essence of the Christ
      ~ The Message/teachings of Jesus

      ~ The Ministry of Jesus Christ

      ~ The Mystery of the Cross

      ~ The Resurrection & Life


2. The Second Coming of Christ

      ~ The Rapture

      ~ The Great Tribulation

      ~ Heaven & Hell

      ~ Judgment Day

      ~ Eternity & eternal life

 3. The End-time Church

     ~ The Person, Ministry & Era of the Holy Spirit

     ~ The New life in Christ

     ~ What the Church should be doing now


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Our Belief System

We believe in the forgiveness of sin through the power and the blood of Jesus Christ, which is the blood of atonement for the remission of sins.  READ MORE>>
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